Saturday, August 17, 2013

Unbelievable Weather

     This will make more sense if I remind you that I live in Georgia. Yesterday, I was running errands. It was 4pm when I drove by the bank and saw the temperature reading at 63 degrees! At 4pm on August 16th!? It sure is beginning to feel like fall around here, but, I know it won't last. A friend of mine told me today that it feels like she should be planning her Thanksgiving dinner! Crazy,crazy.

     I am scheduled to teach paper piecing using the pineapple block this October 26th at A Scarlet Thread in McDonough, and November 2nd at the Spirited Quilters in Duluth, and again at Hot Springs Village, Arkansa in March of 2014. Here is a photo of the quilt:

     I thought it would be nice to come up with a design that uses less blocks, but involves the same principles for those who prefer not to make a commitment to doing a 90" quilt with 80 blocks. So, I designed this:

      Only 9 blocks.

     I have started making the sample for that.

       I am thinking I will start over, and use a different print on each side of the center.

     I was reading at The Quilting Edge Blog where she was showing photos  of her messy work space. I turned from my Ironing board and saw this:


     EEEK! Oh well-the cost of creativity.

     Back to sewing. I hope you are able to have some fun in your sewing room this chilly, rainy weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

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