Wednesday, January 17, 2018

One Back from the Quilter, One on it's Way to the Quilter, and a New Beginning

     I always love looking out over the rooftops from my upstairs "sewing nest" in the winter, but it is even more sweet when there is a dusting of snow. A rare and lovely treat here in the south.

     I am so excited. My red Jacob's Ladder quilt came back from the quilters yesterday, and is ready to bind.You can see that I have already made the binding. I have also made the label. I am calling this quilt "Kalina" which I found online on a baby name website, Kalina is a polish name, meaning flower, so I thought that was appropriate for this quilt since I had a rose garden in mind when I chose the colors.

     My Lightning Strikes quilt top is pieced. I just need the backing fabric to get here so I can send it to Regina.

     Last weekend my Tidewater quilt found a new home.

     Since I use this as a sample for my A Maze Zing class, I got right to work, planning a replacement. But I don't want to make the same quilt again, so I am going a totally different direction with the colorway. Below is my plan for my next A Maze Zing quilt. I wanted something kind of masculine this time. This photo does not do the richness of the colors justice. I have tried several times, but it keeps washing out on me. I will be able to get better lighting together when I get started.

     So that is what I am up to lately. Thanks for stopping by!


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