Thursday, October 1, 2015

An Unexpected Show and a Bit of Quilt Progress

     I will be displaying my quilts at the Madison Chili Cook Off and Fall Festival on October 10th. I have always wanted to be in a show in Madison, Georgia. It is a beautiful little town. I have tried a couple of times, but the weather has not cooperated so far. I was in a show there last spring; the weather forecast was so bad that they TOTALLY cancelled it! Worse yet, they cancelled it AFTER I spent 3 hours setting my booth up. (I am a slow poke when it comes to getting that tent up, and the older I get, the longer it takes) I had not applied to the show this time because I was afraid I would be out of town, but it turns out I will be here during the show after all, so I thought I would give it one more try. Fortunately, they are able to fit me in at the last minute. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun. There will be lots of other artists, live music, family and kid activities, local produce, and fall plants for sale, and of course chili-yum. I am really looking forward to it. Wouldn't it be lovely if we had a crisp, sunny, beautiful fall, October day. Oh please please! Here is a link with all the official info in case you are in the area, and are interested.

     A few weeks ago, I went to a auction with my friend Rhea. They had this piece if slat board display, and I was the only one who bid on it, so I got it for $3! I thought it would be a good thing for hanging potholders in my booth. It sure is heavy though! So yesterday, I drilled a couple of wholes in the top. That way, I can tie it to the top cross bar of my tent. I got a couple of milk crates for it to rest on, I found a piece of fabric to hem, and cover the crates. I will take a photo of it in the booth later. 

I need to buy more "S" hooks that size, or I would have put more potholders on it. I am thinking that the milk crates may be deeper than I want them to be, but I hope I can push them back in the space between the booths, so they don't show so much, otherwise, I may have to find something that is narrower. I will let you know how it all turns out.

     I also worked a bit on my Dresden Plate background. Mostly, because that is the quilt I have made most of the decisions on, and I needed to finish just a bit of background, which was already cut, and waiting to be sewn together.     

      It seems like I used to be better at getting more of the quilt in the photo, when it is on the design wall. But for the life of me, I couldn't get that to work this morning. If I moved back, I just got more loom. Anyway, I made the rows of equilateral triangles you see on the top,central part of the quilt. There were also 2 more rows of equilateral triangles on the bottom left of the quilt, that you can't see because the loom is in the way. The background is all made, though, I still have to sew the sections to each other. I will not do that until I have all of the applique done that I can. I don't want to start holding that whole big thing while I am appliqueing, until it is absolutely necessary. I have 3 full plates left to applique. The light green plate in the top center, under the new section of triangles, the yellow one in the center of the 3 tiered plate, and a light blue one on the right side of the quilt, that you can't see in this photo. They are all the smallest 2 sizes of plate. Plus several half plates where the plate straddles 2 or more sections. I am enjoying seeing this quilt near it's completion. It has been fun, and therapeutic, having some hand work to carry around. I went a lot quicker than I thought it would.

     So that is what I have been up to. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Catching Up

       I did so many fun things this summer. 

      One was going to sell my patterns at a quilt show in Maryville Tennessee that was sponsored by The Smoky Mountain Quilters of Tennessee. Oh my gosh-that was way back in May! Anyway, I think I have said enough lately about how the passage of time has been kicking my butt .

        My friend, Eleanor went with me to help me in my booth. We had a great time. Can you say ROAD TRIP! While I was working in the booth, she took my camera, and took some photos of my favorite quilts in the show, and some of hers too. I hope you enjoy seeing some of these lovely quilts.
 Made in GSR26 by Emily Doane of Knoxville, Tennessee

The Disintegration of the Persistence of Artichokes, by Sylvia Schafer of Athens, Georgia -the quilting on this was amazing!

Graphic Mix by Patricia Anderson, of Oak Ridge, Tennessee 

Out Foxed Forest by Patricia Anderson, of Oak Ridge, TN

Wilderness Walk, by Sandra Black of Tellico Plains, TN

Memories, by Sylvia Wyrick of Clinton, Tennessee

My Summer Vacation, by Phaye Geiger, of Clinton, TN

Pineapple Obsession, by Rose Remund of Louden, TN
Another Bonnie Hunter fan

Found Treasure, by Marian Sykes, of Knoxville, TN 

 Charming Chintz, by Linda Roy, of Knoxville, Tennessee- Hand quilted!

Radiant Summer Wedding by Doyleen Taylor of Knoxville, TN-I especially liked this one. I liked the was she varied the pattern with a smattering of gray. 

My Majestical Sunflower, by Katheryn Gostola, of Chardon, Ohio

Heavy Metal, by Cathy Bullman Stines, of Marshall, NC

Who's Looking at Whom? by Diane Powers-Harris of Monroe, New Hampshire

Houston Raindrop Blues, by Gloria Felter, of Oak Ridge, TN

      What have I been up to? I have been sending my information quilt guilds to let them know about my programs and classes.  If you would like me to do a program, or class at your guild, ask me to send you my information. My friend Zuzana, was very generous to build a website for me this year. You can see some of the class info online at:  though, I am still adding to it.  

      I will be doing a program at the Altoona Quilter's Guild in Acworth, GA on November 3rd, so come and see me if you are in the area.

     That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Busy Summer, and Design Wall Monday

     It sure has been a fast paced, busy summer! Quilt shows, classes, rugs to weave, seems like I have been chasing deadlines all summer long. I am way behind on things I have to share with you all.

     Up first, 2 weeks ago I went to a lovely wedding in Charleston, South Carolina. Susan, the mother of the beautiful bride was someone I have been friends with since we were in high school. Needless to say, I have know her for her whole life. 

     So, you know a wedding quilt was in order. I have been working on it for months and months, but was reluctant to blog about it much, because I didn't want to take a chance on spoiling the surprise. I did show it in a couple of blog posts in unit form, I think. It was made entirely out of HST, and 4 patches.This made it a wonderful quilt for working on away from home, and to use for leaders and enders, (a la Bonnie Hunter), at least until I had the blocks made. Then I had to get it on the design wall, and keep my thinking cap on to get the layout right.  Even then my seam ripper still got a work out.

      Susan said her daughter was planning to do her bedroom in blues and browns. I named this quilt: Long Live Love, to reflect my wishes for the bride and groom to have a  long happy life together.

      As it happens, the brides brother graduated from college this year as well. He got a quilt too. He is planning to start his working life in Chicago, so he will REALLY need an extra quilt. But, wedding quilts get professionally long arm quilted by my fabulous long arm quilting friend, Regina Carter. Graduation quilts get quilted by me on the regular sewing machine. Not my strong suit, don't look too close, but I keep trying. These lap quilts though are a bit large for me to quilt comfortably. I know others do it. My hat's off to them.

     The name of this quilt is: Lightening Strikes.

     I think I have shown this quilt in progress at Design Wall Monday, before. Well, I actually finished it!

     So that is one thing, of many I have been up to lately. I hope you had a productive, or at least enjoyable summer.

     There are lots of other interesting projects to see at Design Wall Monday, at
Take a look, and see if you get some inspiration!

     Thanks for stopping by! 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Design Wall Monday

      Wow, have I been running around a lot lately. I have been to 1 quilt show in Tennessee as a vendor, another in North Georgia, as a viewer, and a 4 day quilt retreat in between. It has been loads of fun, and I have lots to share. 

      First, since it's Design Wall Monday, I will show my Dresden Plate quilt. I pulled it out because I thought I would need some hand work while I sat in my booth at the Smokey Mountain Quilt Guild's show in Maryville TN a couple of weeks ago. Hard to believe that a bit over 2 weeks have gone by since then. 

     When I pulled it out, I was farther along on it than I remembered being. Woohoo! Here it is on the design wall:

     I had the strip sets made for the strip section in the upper left hand corner, but I hadn't sewn them together yet. I sewed that together before I left for TN, and hand stitched those dresdens on while in my booth. I also added the blue plate in the lower lower left hand corner of the section in the upper right hand section. Have I lost you? I mean the smallish blue plate, just above the large 3 layer plate in the center. I made, and added the centers too. They are new. I realized that I have just a couple of background sections left to make. I have enough HST to add at least 3-5 rows to that section on the center left. Not sure how many rows I want there. I will decide after I see the first 3 added. Here is a shot of the lower portion:

     Sorry it is so difficult for me to get a good photo of my design wall all in one piece. Some of you know that I am also a rug weaver, and there is a large loom in front of it. Since that is the largest, uninterrupted wall in the house, it is the best wall for my loom, and also my design wall. The loom weighs about 1000 lbs., so there is no moving it out of the way I, although, I sometimes use it as scaffolding to get to the higher parts of my design wall. 

     So that is some of what I have been up to lately. I will share photos of the quilt shows and retreats in future posts. Thanks for stopping by!

     There is always lots of inspiring WIP to see at Patchwork Times. Don't forget to go see!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival

     I have always been intrigued by the paintings of Gustave Klimt. Admittedly, sometimes there is a creepy aspect to some of them, but I really like his use of repeated pattern. It's his use of repeated pattern that has always made me think that his paintings would be a great reference for making a quilt.

     Meanwhile, a friend of mine gave me a yard of this Kaffe Fassett fabric for a birthday gift. 

    It was really difficult for me to decide how to use it because I was afraid if I cut it up, I would loose the feeling of the print. Eventually, I decided to cut that yard into 4 fat quarters, use them like panels, and put a couple of borders around each one. It occurred to me to use some of the small, geometric shapes I had seen in paintings by Klimt. Here is a photo of the what I mean.

     While I was working on the quilt, another friend often asked me how the quilt with the monkeys was coming along. This puzzled me. I have never worked on a quilt that had monkeys on it. I found out that Kaffe fabric just made her think of monkeys for some reason. For once, this quilt was very easy to name. I called it Missing Monkeys. This is the completed quilt. Like all of my quilts, it was quilted by Regina Carter of Jackson Georgia.


     I totally enjoyed making a quilt that used a print as part of the design, with piecing added around it. I am really looking forward to making another quilt with fussy cut fabric, and simple piecing put around it. I have a couple of different fabrics that would work well for this, if I could only get the time to do this again.

     This is the quilt I am entering in The Blogger's Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side. There are always many inspiring quilts in the festival, along with interesting stories about how and why people came to make them on her blog. Trust me, you won't want to miss it. Just click

     This weekend I am in Maryville Tennessee for the 35th Annual Quilt Show and competition, put on by the Smoky Mountain Quilters of Tennessee. I will be selling my patterns, and pincushions in the vendor area of the quilt show. If you are in the area, please stop by and say hi!

That is what I have been up to lately. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Spring Colors

     This time of year, I am always so intrigued by all of the greens. Especially the spring green of new leaves, contrasting with all of the other greens, and the strong blue in the springtime sky. We have had an unusually wet spring, so what is usually very green is really really green. My photos never seem to be as vivid as what I am seeing in person, but here are some photos of what I mean.  I am simply aching to make a quilt based on this colorway!

     That is what I have been thinking about lately. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Still, Quilting, and Four Patches

     So, this is what I have been up to lately.

Still quilting this quilt-maybe 25% done.

     I will be teaching how to make this quilt at our next quilting retreat. Maybe, I will come away from that with lots of new colorways to share. I just love seeing other peoples color combinations.

     Still working on 4 patches for the wedding quilt. The other day, I had the pleasure of sitting out on the porch in pleasant temperatures, and cutting my 4 patch strips.

     I had hoped to post photos of my booth from the art show I was in this past weekend, but that did not go as planned. 

      I was disappointed to see that the weather forecast was quite rainy, and possibly stormy, but was told that the show would go on, rain or shine, so I dutifully got there Friday afternoon to set up my booth. I have spent many a show under my tent, watching the rain come down. Sometimes, that is just how it goes. Once you have committed to being in one of those shows, they don't like you to bail on them because the weather is poor. But, when I was set up, and ready to leave, I couldn't turn the key in my ignition! I had to get my friend, Iva to come and get me.

      The next day more friends, Eleanor, and Danny came to help me get my booth, and car.  They had planned to come and see the show, and visit with me. They brought me there, then planned to put my quilts in their car after the show. When we got there, we were told that the show was cancelled! Ugh!  Then, the rain stopped,and, gradually, the weather cleared, but it was too late. It was all cancelled already. I was too distracted through all of this to remember to take pictures.

     I was so grateful to all of my friends that were so helpful to me when I was stranded in Madison GA, which is 28 miles away! Now, my car is fixed, and all is well, but, I am really rethinking one day outdoor shows. It is like putting all of your eggs in one basket. If you have bad weather that one day you are out of luck. Twice in the last 5 months I have been in outdoor shows where the weather was beautiful the day before, and the day after, but was terrible the day of the show. Actually, in this case it was just the forecast that was so bad, and it had been a rainy morning. Oh well, that's show biz!

     That is what I have been up to. Thanks for stopping by!