Monday, August 29, 2016

Looking Forward to Fall

     I was recently inspired by the folks at Arhaus to talk about using quilts in living rooms, and what my dream sectional sofa and quilt combination would look like.

     I admit, at first it was kind of difficult to think about curling up on a beautiful sofa with a quilt, a hot cup of tea, and a good book, more maybe a watch a movie. But in the last couple of days, the heat has let up just enough for me to think that fall may actually be on the horizon, and I could think back to those times when I was wearing sweaters, and trying to enjoy some warmth and coziness. Soon, those days will come again. 

     I do agree that every living room should have a quilt in it. First of all, it is wonderful to be able to have a quilt close at hand when you are relaxing during those long winter months, but even if you are not cold enough to want to crawl under a quilt, they can do so much to add interest to a room. A beautiful quilt can be a focal point that you  use to draw you entire color palette from. 

     They have lots of gorgeous sectional sofas that the whole family could pile onto for an afternoon of cozy togetherness, but my favorites are the Wessex, because I think the tufting on that is really pretty, also, I love the curve of the arms, and the Rockway, because of it's clean lines. For reasons I can't explain, I have always loved to be able to see the legs on sofas, rather than those with skirts that go to the floor.

     I can just see myself curled up on this sofa while watching a movie, and hand stitching a binding while something yummy is roasting in the oven. 

     Here is the quilt I would like to pair with it. 

     That is what I have been thinking about lately. Thanks for stopping by!