Monday, June 15, 2015

Design Wall Monday

      Wow, have I been running around a lot lately. I have been to 1 quilt show in Tennessee as a vendor, another in North Georgia, as a viewer, and a 4 day quilt retreat in between. It has been loads of fun, and I have lots to share. 

      First, since it's Design Wall Monday, I will show my Dresden Plate quilt. I pulled it out because I thought I would need some hand work while I sat in my booth at the Smokey Mountain Quilt Guild's show in Maryville TN a couple of weeks ago. Hard to believe that a bit over 2 weeks have gone by since then. 

     When I pulled it out, I was farther along on it than I remembered being. Woohoo! Here it is on the design wall:

     I had the strip sets made for the strip section in the upper left hand corner, but I hadn't sewn them together yet. I sewed that together before I left for TN, and hand stitched those dresdens on while in my booth. I also added the blue plate in the lower lower left hand corner of the section in the upper right hand section. Have I lost you? I mean the smallish blue plate, just above the large 3 layer plate in the center. I made, and added the centers too. They are new. I realized that I have just a couple of background sections left to make. I have enough HST to add at least 3-5 rows to that section on the center left. Not sure how many rows I want there. I will decide after I see the first 3 added. Here is a shot of the lower portion:

     Sorry it is so difficult for me to get a good photo of my design wall all in one piece. Some of you know that I am also a rug weaver, and there is a large loom in front of it. Since that is the largest, uninterrupted wall in the house, it is the best wall for my loom, and also my design wall. The loom weighs about 1000 lbs., so there is no moving it out of the way I, although, I sometimes use it as scaffolding to get to the higher parts of my design wall. 

     So that is some of what I have been up to lately. I will share photos of the quilt shows and retreats in future posts. Thanks for stopping by!

     There is always lots of inspiring WIP to see at Patchwork Times. Don't forget to go see!