Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's Crunch Time

     I hope all of my blog readers took the opportunity to check out the Blogger's Quilt Festival that is going on over at Amy's Creative Side. There was so many beautiful creations to see, and so many new friends to meet!

     Last week I focused on getting my trunk show out and organized, and a class put together for The Spirited Quilters in Duluth GA. I had a great time with them! We worked on paper piecing pineapple blocks. I have always felt that if you are new to paper piecing, the pineapple block is a great place to start because it has so many parallel  seams, which make it easier to predictably cover the spaces. I bet that sentence didn't make much sense to those of you who have never paper pieced. If you ever do paper piece, I think you will understand my meaning. It is one of those concepts that is not so easy to put into words.

    This weekend will be the show I have been getting ready for the last few months. I have been working on more pot holders, and some Christmas ornaments.

     About half of these pot holders still need their binding tacked down. So far I am just 1 pair of potholders short of my goal!

          Here are the Christmas ornaments. They are made from roof flashing and beads. I was hoping to get 10 made, and I did it, although I took this shot before I made the 10th one.

     Bars of soap.

     I got a brainstorm, and decided to cut squares out of some of the wool fabric I had woven when I was weaving blankets. I had been making pin cushions and pillows with out of it, but with so many people working with wool these days, I thought, maybe I could just sell the wool. Since it is hand dyed and hand woven by me, it is a bit different from what is available in the quilt shops. Though, I must admit, it is a bit hard to let go of since I am not doing that kind of weaving any more-once it is gone, it's gone.

     Oh-one more thing. I sewed these blocks together. All I need is a back, and I can send it to Regina be quilted! No point in hurrying though. You know how busy long arm quilters tend to be this time of year. I don't really need it before Christmas, so it can wait. I would like to have it done for my trip to Arkansas though.

    Tomorrow is set up day, so I better get back to binding those potholders! I will try to take some good shots of the show to share, and if you happen to be in Jasper County this weekend, come and visit! There will be several other artists there.

     Well, that is what I have been up to lately. thanks for stopping by!