Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Still, Quilting, and Four Patches

     So, this is what I have been up to lately.

Still quilting this quilt-maybe 25% done.

     I will be teaching how to make this quilt at our next quilting retreat. Maybe, I will come away from that with lots of new colorways to share. I just love seeing other peoples color combinations.

     Still working on 4 patches for the wedding quilt. The other day, I had the pleasure of sitting out on the porch in pleasant temperatures, and cutting my 4 patch strips.

     I had hoped to post photos of my booth from the art show I was in this past weekend, but that did not go as planned. 

      I was disappointed to see that the weather forecast was quite rainy, and possibly stormy, but was told that the show would go on, rain or shine, so I dutifully got there Friday afternoon to set up my booth. I have spent many a show under my tent, watching the rain come down. Sometimes, that is just how it goes. Once you have committed to being in one of those shows, they don't like you to bail on them because the weather is poor. But, when I was set up, and ready to leave, I couldn't turn the key in my ignition! I had to get my friend, Iva to come and get me.

      The next day more friends, Eleanor, and Danny came to help me get my booth, and car.  They had planned to come and see the show, and visit with me. They brought me there, then planned to put my quilts in their car after the show. When we got there, we were told that the show was cancelled! Ugh!  Then, the rain stopped,and, gradually, the weather cleared, but it was too late. It was all cancelled already. I was too distracted through all of this to remember to take pictures.

     I was so grateful to all of my friends that were so helpful to me when I was stranded in Madison GA, which is 28 miles away! Now, my car is fixed, and all is well, but, I am really rethinking one day outdoor shows. It is like putting all of your eggs in one basket. If you have bad weather that one day you are out of luck. Twice in the last 5 months I have been in outdoor shows where the weather was beautiful the day before, and the day after, but was terrible the day of the show. Actually, in this case it was just the forecast that was so bad, and it had been a rainy morning. Oh well, that's show biz!

     That is what I have been up to. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Finally-2 Finishes

     Finally, I got 2 quilts completely finished. Binding, sleeve, photos and all! It's about time, about time, wouldn't you say? These quilts have been quilted for months. Then all of the hand work was done for what seemed like quite awhile, but the weather wouldn't let me get outside and photograph them. First there was pollen, then there was rain, more rain, and yet more rain. But at last...

Painted Desert

Lake Country Bungalow

     Also, I started quilting this quilt.

     Yesterday, I got my finally got my grass cut, and a few things planted. What a relief that was after-I forget how many-maybe 8 or 9 rainy days in a row. I was afraid I was going to need a machete. But I am not complaining. I would just love to share some with those that have not been getting rain at all. Feast or famine, right?

     Today, I am off to sew with a good friend I haven't seen in weeks. Hope you have a pleasant day planned.

     Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Simple Pleasures and Simple Units

    We have been having the most beautiful spring, here in Georgia! Flowers are blooming everywhere. Below, is a photograph of the azalea bush in front of my porch. There are a few pansies, and snapdragon that I planted too.

     I love it when that azalea bush is in full bloom. 

      I got the sleeves attached to both of the quilts I wrote about last time, but the other side of the "flowers everywhere" coin is pollen everywhere. I think I will wait a couple of weeks to take photograph them outside, so I don't bring them back in loaded with pollen.

     The last few weeks, I have only had small bits of time to work on my quilting. Most of my time has been spent on things like routine doctors appointments, sorting tax receipts, the first mowing of the year, and of course weaving that big rug. I thought I had a picture of the big rug on the loom, but I could only find a photos of the borders. We most often have to weave a large center, with 2 smaller pieces that get sewn onto either side to get the needed size. This rug will finish at 14 feet by 15 feet.

     I have also been making a lot of 4 patches and half square triangles for one of my "project status" quilts. I have them in all stages of completion.  Here is a box of finished units, ready to go up on the design wall.

     All of the HST are done, but these 4 patches are waiting to be pressed:

     And these are pressed and waiting to be crosscut:

     I took these photos with my camera, which I am not so accustomed to using, but my camera battery was charging. You can tell I am not very accustomed to controlling the flash, and color with the phone camera indoors.

     Back to the subject at hand; I just love working with these small, simple units, because they are so easy to work on anywhere. I can carry them with me to a friends house. Several steps like pairing my fabrics, marking my diagonal lines on the HST, and crosscutting can even be done without electricity, and I can take them outside on these lovely spring days.

     I am almost done with all of the units for this quilt, and I can't wait to start putting them together! Then you, and I both will be able to see what this is really going to look like!

     That is what I have been working on. I hope you are having a lovely spring as well. Thanks for stopping by!