Thursday, January 12, 2012

Indian Summer

      Hi all!

     I wanted to get you caught up on on of the many quilts I have started.

     Several years ago I was given a book on American Indian Trade blankets. I immediately  thought that many of them would be a wonderful reference for a quilt. Here is one of several, that I thought would be a good choice.

      My friend, Eleanor, and I used this picture as an inspiration to make a wedding quilt for our friends Jo, and Steve. Unfortunately, we made that quilt before I got a digital camera, so I don't have a picture of it in my computer to show you. 

      I wanted to make another quilt using a colorway that looked more like the original blanket. Here is how the second quilt turned out.

     I really liked being able to use several different fabrics to add variation to each of the colors. While I was piecing this quilt, I got ideas for several more. 

     In the same week I was sketching them out on EQ; I was working on some rug samples for Lyn Sterling Montagne, who I weave rugs for. Here is a link to her website, so you can see her gorgeous rugs:

Working on these samples gave me yet another idea for a quilt.

  Here is the drawing those samples inspired.
     So far I have a little more than one third of it pieced.

     As for the quilt I showed you last time-I have pieced 3 sets of blocks together. I have 3 more sets to sew before I can arrange the corners.



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