Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Laced Star Block

      I found the Laced Star block in this book, which I have had for many many years.


     There are no rotary cutting directions or measurements in these older quilt books, but there is a wealth of block inspiration! Not really sure how you would cut these pieces without templates anyway.

     You will need a piece of paper that is at least as large as the finished size of the block. Since I was making a 12" block I used freezer paper, which came in handy later.

     First, I drew a 12" square on my freezer paper, then I bisected that square with 2 diagonal lines that run from corner to corner. Next I bisected the square again with 2 straight lines that run across the center of the square. All of these lines should cross in the center of the square.

     Next, draw a line from the lower left hand corner to where the center line meets the right hand side of your square. Give your square a quarter turn, and repeat. Repeat until each corner has a line running from the corner to where the center line meets the side that is to the right of that corner.

     Next, draw a line from where the center line meets the side, to the low point, where lines intersect to the right. Do this all the way around each side of your block.

     Here is a photo with the extra lines cleaned off, Hopefully, this makes it clearer for you, what the pieces are.

     Now you can do one of 2 things. I have a 2nd rotary cutter with an older blade that I use for cutting paper. First, cut this in quarters along the corner to corner diagonal lines.

      You can see that I have added numbers and arrows to these pieces. Those of you who like to paper piece can use the numbers to paper piece these 4 quadrants, and sew the quadrants to each other. Remember, there are no seam allowances on that drawing so your fabric pieces will have to exceed the triangle by 1/4" all the way around. 

     A second option, and what I did, was to cut the pieces apart. I added the arrows to help me to know how to orient the triangles once they were cut apart.
       Then I ironed each piece on to Fabric, using a ruler to add in trhe seam allowance as I was cutting.

      Once I cut all of the pieces out, it was just a matter of sewing them together, first in quarters, the sew the quarters to each other.

     I took a bit of liberty with my fabric placement, just for something a bit different. I hope this helps you make a Laced Star!

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