Monday, March 27, 2017

Section #3 Complete!

Last week I had a lovely time, doing a trunk show at the York County Quilter's Guild, in SC. It is always so much fun going out into the world and making new friends. I really appreciated how welcoming they were. Shout out to Jane in particular for putting up with me in her home, and entertaining me in such fine style. She even MADE me some scones which were TO DIE FOR!

Since I wrote last I finished the rug I was weaving, I am getting a new one this week. We had a workday in the community garden this past weekend. It was a good feeling, to start getting ready for summer planting season, and getting the first mowing out of the way. I won my tennis match (by default, but I'll take it).

So more to the quilty point: I finished section #3 of my rose garden quilt. Here are the 3 finished sections on the design wall:

Section #4 is laid out, and I have started sewing on it.

This will go in the blank space to the left, on the bottom. So that puts me at more than a third of the way on this quilt.

I have half of Julie's quilt sewn together:

A dear friend of mine bought a house last week, so a special house warming/wedding gift is in order. I didn't really meet her until after she got married. She married the son of a good friend of mine, and I am just now getting around to their gift. I thought a set of place mats, table runner, and potholder set might be nice. Here is a photo of a "prototype" place mat:

I am not sure if I want to leave the side borders so dark like that, or if I will make them narrower, and add another, lighter border. 

Hope all of your projects are going well.

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  1. That rose garden quilt is absolutely beautiful! I love all the different fabrics you are using. I'm really looking forward to seeing that one finished! Thanks for sharing it on MCM!

  2. Both quilts are gorgeous! The colors in Rose Garden are so luminous. Happy stitching this week.