Sunday, February 4, 2018

Jacob's Ladder Series-Drawing #11

    Guess I finally got tired of Red and Navy, and decided to try lime and Navy!

     I am starting to play more with color placement. Notice that the colors are not organized by blocks, but by motif. To illustrate what I mean, I added 4 blocks that form the motif in the lower right hand corner of the quilt below. I hope this helps you see how I have used color to form these motifs. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the 4th one into position. I often have this problem with my blog where I can't get things positioned as I would like. If anyone out there has any suggestions I would love some help on this. Just add a comment.

A and B blocks alternating and rotated to form diamond motifs

     9" Blocks
     Quilt Measures 54" by 72"

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