Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A Trip and an Art Show

     I can't believe another week is beginning already! Wow! It is said often, but only because it's true: Time Flies!!!

     So last week I presented a guild program to The Western North Carolina Quilter's Guild. Georgia Bonesteel is a member of that guild, and SHE WAS THERE YA'LL!!! YIKES!!! She was so kind and gracious, but I must admit, it freaked me out a bit (or more than a bit) to speak in front of her! Now I am kicking myself because I didn't even think about how cool it would have been to get a picture with her until now.😦

     While I was there I stayed with Linda Lou, who took me to a fabulous Caribbean restaurant that was sooo delicious, and then to a beautiful waterfall, and some other natural sites. I just love the North Carolina mountains! And it was such a treat, not only because it was so beautiful, but also, because it has been so hot in my neck of the woods.  

     When I got home, I had just 1 day to regroup and get my self ready for our local fall music festival, The Yellow River Jam. This is such a fun event! The idea is to get there in the morning for a kayak trip down the river, then come off the river and spend the afternoon and evening eating, drinking, looking at artist booths, and listening to some fabulous live music.  A dear friend of mine, who is a potter, sets up next to me and we have a wonderful time. I look forward to it every year! Here is a photo of my booth. 

     So now I have a relatively quite week ahead of me. I will use it to get some weaving done, and get ready for my next 2 adventures. On Oct 3, I will speak at the Georgia Friendship Quilters Guild in Smyrna, GA, which is nearly local for me, then come home an again have one day to repack before I leave to set up a booth at The John C. Campbell Folk School Fall Festival, in Brasstown, NC. So if you live near there, come and say Hi! 

     I have some room available in my 2019 schedule. I would love to come and speak, and/or teach at a quilt guild near you.

     This Sunday, after the YRJ, I made 4 new sets of potholders. The fabrics on the top are what I plan to use to bind them. The ribbon is what I will use to make hanging loops.

      Then, I ran out of blanks, so I had to make some more.

      When I am making potholders, I like to make a bunch of "blanks" first. I cut the backs from ironing board cover, that I buy at JoAnn's. I cut it about 1/2" larger than I want the potholders to be. Not sure it is necessary to use ironing board cover, but it seems that was on the backs of potholders my mother had when I was growing up, and it keeps me from having to use my quilting fabric. I cut 2 layers of batting, and spray baste the batting to the ironing board cover. I cut the batting from scraps of batting I save from quilts. Then I just flip and sew pieces onto the potholder, until its covered. 

     Trim, and bind. I add a loop of grosgrain ribbon for hanging. 

     So that is what I have been up to this week. I will link to:Oh Scrap!
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    Thanks for stopping by!