Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Big Surprise

     I have made a decision in writing this blog, so far, not to write much about the non quilting areas of my like. One big reason is that I regularly read a couple of blogs that include more non quilting aspects of life. While I really enjoy these blogs, I guess I worry a bit about feeling like I am copying them.

     That said, sometimes your non quilting life runs into your quilting life when you least expect it. I live in a very small town, and I am very active in the local community garden. The other day I was to meet a new person who was interested in joining. In the course of conversing with this person in an effort to get to know her; she mentioned that she works with her mother in a family run business in town. When I asked her what business they were in I was amazed when her answer was a quilting business! There is a quilting business in my town; and I know nothing about it!? Are you kidding? How could this have happened?

     It turns out that this is an online business called  Their focus on organic, and sustainably produced fabric got me thinking. Although I had thought about these kinds of things in relation to food, I never thought about them in relation to fabric. The whole idea rather caught me by surprise at first. Of course, there is not the depth of variety available in organic fabrics, like there is in the fabric I have been using. Anyone who knows anything about my quilting knows that variety plays a major role in it. Also, organic fabric is a bit more expensive, and I am already struggling to afford fabric as it is. Still, I do feel that it is important to think about these kinds of things; and I do care about how what I am doing is effecting the world that I live in; so I have decided that it is worth working in some organic fabric when, and where I can. That way, hopefully, this will give better practices an opportunity to become more prevalent. They did have some really beautiful fabrics, including a nice selection of solids, which you know I love.

      I am still working away on this quilt:

      I have gotten 15 strip set sewn together just by using them as leaders and enders while sewing on my batik hexagon blocks.  Also, by carrying the strip bins everywhere with me, I have put together 47 strip sets. I like to plan them out in advance, so they are next to the sewing machine, and ready to go when I need something to sew on.

     As stated above, I have sewn 1 and a half hexagons together. I figured out that I need 40 hexagons to make a quilt. So far I have 7 1/2. Almost 1/4 of the way there!

     So, that is what I have been up to lately. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I like a little bit of real life in blogs. I find it helps with understanding certain aesthetics. Quilts can have a why to the how. I like your thoughts about organic fabric. I'm going to check out that link!