Thursday, April 4, 2013


     I have been busy, doing so many things lately, that I have had a difficult time getting much time to sew. I have a rug due tomorrow, so I have been weaving that. This can be dangerous. I was at the loom today, when suddenly, I got an idea for a whole other quilt. I know you have been thinking: "What this girl really needs is to start another quilt." I chose fabrics from my Hancock's of Paducah catalog, and would have put an order in on the spot, but I was saved by the bell. Since it was after 6, I figured it was too late to put an order in today; I won't be able to tomorrow since I won't be home. It will be interesting to see if the drive for this idea stays with me till Friday.

      My friend Dori, and I cleaned out our town's library. (There is no heat in it so it stays closed in the winter) It needed sweeping, and dusting, and the books that have been donated through out the winter needed sorting and shelving. I decided our town needed a newsletter, so I have been working on our 1st newsletter issue. I have it just about finished, but I have to make about 800 copies. Since it is getting pretty spring like around here, the community garden is also gearing up. I just sent A Scarlet Thread several class proposals to choose from for the fall. I am looking forward to see if they like any of them, and if so, which.

     I belong to a sewing group that meets twice a month, and we each take turns hosting it at our houses. That person cooks dinner for the group that night. You guessed it. Last night it was at my house. After dinner, we all pull our our various projects. I cut some squares and triangles from strips that I had previously cut, for this quilt.

     I finished this quilt, and got it to my quilter's. Now I have to finish writing the directions for the pattern, since it is going to be sold as a kit at

     I got this quilt back from my quilter, Regina, and I still need to trim it, and put the binding on it.

          I am trying to spend a little time everyday, sewing strip sets for this quilt. I have not put any more blocks up on the design wall, since I want to get the rest of my strip sets done before I pair them together.

     Help is on the way! I have a quilt retreat coming up soon. 3 days of uninterrupted sewing. I can't wait! I am planning to take the above quilt, and my big, pieced hexagon quilt. I also have several quilts that have all of the blocks done, and just need to be laid out. I was thinking it would be good to get one of them arranged on the design wall, so I could get numbers pinned onto the blocks, and sew it together, while on retreat.

     I don't get to see this group of friends very often, so I am really looking forward to this. In fact, one of them, I haven't seen in years since she moved away several years ago, but is coming for a visit, and going on retreat with us.
     It's time for me to hit the sack, I have to deliver the rug to Atlanta tomorrow. It is supposed to be a rainy day. Hope your week is going well, and you are getting lots done. Thanks for stopping by!

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