Friday, April 19, 2013

What I did on Retreat

     Things have been awfully hectic lately. I am grateful for that. I would much rather be a busy person with a lot going on, than bored. Wouldn't you?

      Lots of these things have been non quilt related. I have gotten the first Porterdale Village newsletter out. People seem to like it. I have always thought it would be a good thing to have all of that information gathered in one place. And then there was tax day! The less said about that, the better, but when you work from your home there is so much paper work and record organizing to get it done properly. Also, I have been working on a couple of rug weaving deadlines.

    Enough of that; let's turn attention to more quilt related matters. I just got back from a retreat. It was great! Good friends, beautiful weather at a gorgeous facility. 3 days of sewing that was only interrupted by good eating, pleasant conversation, a little sleep, and, maybe an occasional walk. I have already posted photos of what was being worked on around me, Now it is time to share that I actually did some sewing myself.

     Remember this project?

     Sometimes, I can get 2 photos to land next to each other on my blog; other days I can't. Why is that? Today is looking like a "can't" day.

     Anyway, before I left for retreat, I had all of my strip sets grouped together according to how many I needed of each color family. 

     I got them all sewed together, pressed, and trimmed.

     When I got home, I organized them into pairs, and realized that I had 5 sets too few of that dark blue, and 5 sets too many of the light blue. Coincidence? I doubt it. Well, I can use the extra light blue sets on the back of the quilt, but I obviously have to make some more dark blue sets. Monday, a group of friends were getting together to sew, and I pinned the whole stack. Now they are ready to go under the needle the very next time I get some quality time with my sewing machine.
     I realize these are not the most exciting photos you have ever seen, but this is what I have been doing. I am pleased that this quilt is on the verge of coming together.

     On a related project, I have been working on a quilt that uses the same overall design, but done differently for a nearby on line quilt shop. The name of the quilt shop is  We took that drawing, and are making a lap quilt out of solid (as opposed to strip pieced) HST. Karen from Honey Be Good, picked beautiful organic cotton fabrics, which will be marketed as a kit on her website. (Don't you think those colors are yummy?!) I had just gotten the quilt back from Regina (my fabulous long arm quilter);  and got the binding on before I left for retreat, so I could hand stitch the binding and sleeve at retreat. By the way, the name of this quilt is Tangerine Twist.

     I got another quilt back from Regina too, but this one doesn't have a name yet. I made the variegated binding, and machine sewed it on, but it still needs the hand stitching done. I would like to get it done by next Thursday, since I will be speaking at The Southern Crescent Guild in Fayetteville.

     That is what I have been up to. I am off to finish a rug, and get my quilts in order for Thursday nights trunk show. Thanks for stopping by!

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