Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Trying to Catch up

     Well, I finally got the Etsy-Ohio Star cut out, just in time to go to Washington DC. That worked out great because I got to pair the backgrounds with the star points in the car, on the way up. 

     The Washington trip went pretty well. We got a lot of packing done. We were blessed with weather no warmer than 82 degrees the whole time we were there. What a miracle!

     I came home to this in my next door neighbors yard. Talk about a shock!

      :(  They said it had dropped some branches-I had only seen one, so I was quite surprised that they were so expedient in taking it down. I guess it is for the best though. I know it isn't safe to have an unhealthy tree of that size around. Still, it will be missed.

     So, I only had 3 days at home. The first thing I had to do was to get the loom set up for the next rug.

     Then it was time to get ready for quilt retreat! YAY! HAPPY DANCE!

     Did I tell you that Missing Monkeys came back from the quilters? I trimmed the excess of of it.

     I like to bring a quilt that needs a binding sewn down. It serves 2 purposes. I can sleep under it, and I have something to stitch on if I need some handwork.

     I was a bit disappointing when I got home and loaded my photos onto my laptop. I thought I had taken many more pictures that I did. I guess I think of getting a photo of a certain quilt, but then put off taking the photo-hoping to get it in it's most finished state. I missed getting photos of many many beautiful  quilts. Here are some I did get though.

     Angie worked on this beautiful quilt. It was so rich looking from across the room. It made me want to make one.

          How is this for knock your socks off spectacular! Jeanne is working on this beauty. She is a flight attendant, and I guess she gets some time to do handwork on layovers and such. She pulled out another fabulous quilt. I forget the name of the pattern. Sunflower? There were circles and points. Brave! Unfortunately, that is one of the quilt that I thought I got a photo of, but didn't.

      Kathy made this quilt-the horse heads are machine embroidered, and she brought them back from Paducah.

     Mary Beth made this quilt out of the jelly roll race quilts we made last year. She just cut it up like fabric. Sorry this photo is a bit blurry.

     Eleanor has been working on this quilt for several retreats now. I love how eclectic it is. 

      As you may have guessed, I worked on the Ohio Star quilt, and made a binding for the Missing Monkeys quilt. More about that in my next post.

     I hope all is well in your world. Thanks for stopping by!

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