Saturday, June 1, 2013

Still Cutting. . . .

     Well, obviously I didn't get on the Blogger's Quilt Festival.  I misunderstood the deadline dates. Very disappointing. Maybe next time. . .

     I am still cutting the quilt I am making for the Etsy customer. Since my last post I bought a few more fabrics. This time I did better at finding more purples. I found some good greens too.

     I prefer to work assembly style, now that I have one block finished, and I have verified the piece sizes. So now I have all of my points and centers cut.

     Now, I am working on cutting backgrounds. I have a big basket of fabrics that I am cutting from.

     I have a trip that I am going on soon, and pairing points with background colors will be the perfect project for a long car ride!

     I also got the Missing Monkeys quilt back from Regina (my quilter extraordinaire) this week. I will put in a photo as soon as I get it trimmed. Getting the backgrounds cut before I have to leave town is a higher priority for now.

    That is what I am up to now. Thanks for stopping by!

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