Sunday, July 21, 2013


     I had a lovely time at the Mountain Laurel Quilter's Guild. They are such a hospitable group of ladies. And, boy do they ever have a lot going on!

     When I got home, I had a rug to get finished, a newsletter to get typed up, and after!

    I needed to get a binding for the Ohio Star Quilt so I can get it made while that quilt is being quilted.

      I bought this because I am planning to make a gift for someone, and I thought it would be a good constant fabric to tie it together. It's a good thing I got some extra, since look how well it goes with this!

      I didn't even think of that until I got home.  And... I did splurge a little. The main mission was to get some stabilizer for the T shirt quilt I have to make. 

    That red was on sale. I am collecting reds and purples for a quilt, and some back and whites for another. No excuse for that other fabric.

     Last night Mary invited me over to sew, and I worked on getting the sleeve on this quilt. I am 3/4 done. I hand stitched the binding when I was getting ready to go to the Mountain Laurel Guild earlier in the week. So this quilt will be ready for it's portrait soon.

     Now I am in the process of putting another rug on the loom, and getting ready for my bee group to come over Tuesday. The person whose turn it is to host has to cook dinner, so I am planning....

     That is what I have been up to. Thanks for stopping by!

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