Sunday, December 22, 2013

Odds and Ends

     Once again it looks like I have neglected to write a post for a couple of weeks. I am trying to think of what I have been doing that might be blog worthy. Unfortunately, not much, I am  afraid. I have accomplished a couple of things that have needed to get done for a long time, but, not much designing. 

    I finally got the back made for my blue and green strip pieced quilt made, and got that to Regina. I did not take a photo of the back yet. It was too large and unwieldy. I will make a photo of the back when it comes back from Regina. For those of you who want a reminder of what the top looked like, it was this one:

     I am reorganizing my fabric. I picked up a few shelf units very inexpensively at an estate sale, last summer, and I am just getting around to putting my fabric on them. These are two of them stacked. I have my traditional fabrics on these. So far I have done all of my warm colors, neutrals, and purples.

     They all came out of this dresser, which just has not been very space efficient for fabric.

     My blues ad greens are still in there. I have 2 more larger shelf units. I still need to move the blue and green traditional fabrics, batiks, solids, stripes, paisleys, and contemporary designer fabrics.  I will have to find someone to help me move these dressers before I can proceed further with this project. 

     Today, I set up the 404 straight stitch Singer my friend, Eleanor gave me last summer, and actually sewed on it a bit. This type of foot petal is a new experience for me.

      At last, I have started quilting Kimberly's graduation quilt. I am embarrassed that it has taken me this long to get the back made and start quilting it. The back was the main stumbling block. I also didn't have a thread that I wanted to use, but finally remebered to get some. I forgot to take a photo of the thread this time. I will try to remember that for the next blog post. Wish me luck on this. Machine quilting is not my forte.  This poor girl as been waiting for this quilt since summer-2012! How did that happen! Sometimes, things just get away from me. At least she is in the Navy, and spent a good bit of the time on training, and on a ship where she would not have been able to use it anyway.

      This quilt was inspired by a jelly roll race I did at a quilt retreat. It has 2" bands alternating with 1" bands down the length of the quilt, and I am quilting a zigzag line in each band.

    I have only 2 more days left of my seasonal job at Patrick's. Hopefully things will get a bit more normal around here after that. The last 2 months have been a total blur. I have lots I want to accomplish in 2014, but that is for another post.

Hope you all are enjoying this holiday season, and doing lots of fun things with friends and family. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Candace, Moving fabric around gives you a chance to see everything that you have in your stash. I so remember moving my fabric around. Hope you have a great Holiday!! Barbara

    1. I totally agree. You feel organized, and find things you never knew you had! Hope you are having loads of fun this holiday season.