Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Recap

     Well, It's the time of year when we all record for posterity what we have completed in the year that is drawing to a close. And as usual, I failed to live up to my own expectations, but vow to do better in the next year. Stay tuned and wish me luck for 2014! And of course, I will do the same for you.

Missing Monkeys
     This quilt was inspired by a paintings by Gustave Klimt. While I was working on it my friend Eleanor often asked me " How are you doing on that quilt with the monkeys?" Monkeys? What monkeys?

A Maze Zing
     The idea for this quilt came from a jelly roll race. It's not very often I get a top pieced in a couple of weeks, but this one I did.

Tangerine Twist
     This quilt was  collaboration between Karen Daniel from and I. It was so much fun to work with her. I also produced the pattern for this quilt this year. I am going to count that as another finish.
Let's Polka
     I actually finished this quilt a couple of years ago, but I finished the pattern, and taught it as a class for the first time this year. It is a great class for beginners, but with so many different blocks, simple though they be, it makes for a full day!
Double Star
         I finished this quilt a couple of years ago, and sold from my Etsy shop at The person that bought it ordered a second one this year.

      This quilt was a small class sample that I made to give students taking my Pineapple Storm class the option of starting a smaller quilt. I machine quilted this one myself. Something I don't do very often, but I am trying to do more of with small quilts.    

     This is a T shirt quilt I made for a client. This is the first time I showed a photo of this quilt because it was meant to be a Christmas surprise. Many of the T shirts are unique to this person, and I did not want to take a chance, however slim, of spoiling the surprise.

     The next two quilts are borderline cases. The tops are finished, and Regina has them. The are waiting to be quilted, and don't even really have proper names yet. One you will notice is rather similar to Tangerine Twist. It is the quilt that Karen saw in progress that was the jumping off point for Tangerine Twist. 

     I made this top while I was making the pattern for Native Harvest. It is the same pattern, but I did not go as wide with this one. I meant for it to be more of a lap size. I think these proportions are actually better. I always thought that Native Harvest was a bit squat.

Native Harvest

      I am especially looking forward to getting this quilt back. I want to get it bound in time for my next trunk show.

     The main things I wanted to do in 2013 that I did not accomplish were things I wanted to do with my blog. I wanted to work up to 2 postings a week. I barely averaged one a week this year, and there were a few times when I went over a week without a post. I also want to add a gallery tab to the top of the blog. Maybe start adding a couple of free patterns. Hopefully I will get to that in 2014.

     My most urgent goals for the beginning of 2014 are to finish what I have started in reorganizing this sewing room. I have 2 custom orders that are priorities. I have hit a snag on my fussy cut quilt.

     I think it needs more variety, so I am looking for different blocks to replace the alternate blocks. Maybe I just need to do something different with the setting triangles. I would really also like to get patterns made for my Arabesque, and A Maze Zing quilts before my Arkansas trip in March.

     So many quilts-so little time! Hope your New Years festivities are fun and safe, and your 2014 gets off to a happy start! Thanks for stopping by!

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