Monday, June 9, 2014

Back From Another Retreat

     The first part of the year is quilt retreat time for me. I have one group of friends that plan a retreat in February, and June. We started with once a year, but quickly decided that it was not nearly often enough to see each other. We often say we would like another one in the fall, but I am just as glad we have not gotten that idea off the ground. I love those ladies, and really miss seeing them and what they are up too, but my falls tend to be busy and unpredictable, so I would rather not have a retreat on my plate in the fall. Of course, I could just not go, but knowing me, I would probably end up trying to get there anyway. Another group of friends has an annual retreat in April. I love this because not only do I get to visit with dear friends that I rarely see, but it really motivates me to get things done. 

     Since today is Design Wall Monday, I will show what I had up on the design wall at retreat, and save all of the photos I took of everyone elves projects for a later in the week post.

    First, something quick and easy to get myself going when I first got there:

      This will be called Sand and Sea Glass. I plan to add, probably a narrow border, and a wide one. When I got to retreat, the blocks were already pieced. I just had to press, trim, lay them out, and sew them together. It felt good to finish piecing the center on the first day there.

      I spent most of the retreat getting the layout for my Dresden Plate quilt together.

     Next, I have to get the background arranged, so I can use this as my travel/handwork project. I usually don't do much handwork, because I always want to be at the machine making fast piecing progress. I hope I can push through and get all of this hand applique done soon. I just got myself some new applique thread. I hope that, and the fact that all of the edges are already turned, will make me want to work on this project. 

     Of course, I still have to work on my Anastasia order quilt, but since the background for it is arranged, and I can't move it, this will be the quilt I carry with me to visit. I am also planning to be a vendor at the Blue Ridge Quilt Festival in Blacksburg Virginia in July, so it will be a great quilt to work on in the booth. If you happen to be near Blacksburg July 9-12, come by and say hi!

      That is what I have been up to lately. There are many more "works in progress" to see at Judy Laquidara's Design Wall Monday Be sure to check them out. Thanks for stopping by!

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