Monday, June 2, 2014

Design Wall Monday-Finally

     It has been ages since I had anything on my design wall that I could post about for Design Wall Monday. This week I have 2!

     A friend of mine saw my "Anastasia" quilt, and ordered one-yeah! She tweaked the colors and size a bit to suit her needs.
      I am putting the background together. I discussed that more in my last blog post, so if you want more detail about that, just scroll down one post. Here is a photo of it on my design wall.

      I am also working on another strip pieced quilt. This one is made with the same block as my "Sonja's Windows" quilt, but I wanted one where there was no sashing. I also have a friend that is looking for things with "beach colors, part of the motivation for this quilt was to entice her. I have several blocks up on the design wall. This weekend I made strip sets for the rest of the blocks.

     When this quilt is finished, I will have this one where the colors are random, and there is no sashing, Lake Country Bungalow, where the strips are arranged to form HST, and which I am still binding.

     And the original Sonja's Windows, with sashing. I like being able to show the same block 3 different ways in programs and classes.

     So, that is what I am currently working on. There are loads of other peoples' projects at
Patchwork Times  for Design Wall Monday. I know you will enjoy seeing them, so check that out.

     Have a great Monday, and thanks for stopping by!

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