Saturday, March 7, 2015


     As I was saying.......
     I laid out each group of strips, and decided what order I wanted them in. If they didn't come out to be 10" wide, I added a strip. 

     Then, I trimmed each strip set down to a 10" square. Here are all of my light strip sets, already trimmed and ready to go. Seeing them spread out on the table like this made me think it would be fun to make a low contrast quilt out of light neutrals.

     I took a dark strip set and a light strip set, and pinned them with right sides together, so that the strips run perpendicular to one another. In the last quilt I made this way, I used 2 different color families instead of light and dark.

     Here is a photo from that quilt from last year, showing a stack of strip sets pinned together. The colors are different from the quilt I am working on now, but the technique is the same.

     Then, just sew the usual 1/4" seam all the way around the outside edge.

     Next cut a big diagonal "X".

     You will end up with 4 large half square triangles.

      I love this because, making 4 blocks at once, it goes quite fast. You can do anything with these blocks that you would do with a log cabin, in much less time.

     I love when I am able to get everything to make a quilt top out of my scrap bins. It make me feel like all the sorting of fabric scraps I have been doing is paying off. It is nice to actually get to USE them!

     I have not gotten much sewing done the last couple of days, because I got a new rug to weave, and have been setting up my loom.

       Last night, I started weaving.

    I don't design the rugs I weave. I work for someone else, who does. Her name is Lyn Sterling Montagne, and you can see more of her beautiful work at:

     So That is what I have been up to lately. Tomorrow, we are supposed to have some nice weather, and I am looking forward to playing some tennis! Hope you get to do something you love. Thanks for stopping by!

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