Monday, March 30, 2015

Design Wall Monday

     This is what is currently on my main design wall.

       This is for a commission I am working on. I am trying to make an interesting cloudy sky background out of Kaliedoscope blocks. WW1 airplanes will be appliqued onto the sky. Here is my drawing.

     It still needs quite a bit of work. I was feeling that it needed some more clearer, lighter, slightly green blues, so I bought these:

     Having all of the white showing at the corners of the blocks, is causing  some confusion, but I don't know how else to do it. I had the same problem when I have used this block in the passed. I think I just need to play with it more. It will help a lot when I start sewing. Lately, I have been distracted by other spring time "must do" chores. Hopefully, I am close to getting all of those things caught up.

     One really fun thing I did last week was to present a program to the Common Threads Quilt Guild in Newnan, GA. They were a fun group, and I had a lovely time, spending the evening with them. I want to thank them for their kindness, and hospitality.

    In my quieter, low energy moments, I am working on getting sleeves put on a couple of quilts that are finished, except for their sleeves.

     When I get the sleeves put on, I will be able to hang them, and get a good photo, so I can get them posted on my Etsy site. 

     I used to sew one of the sleeve sides in with the top binding. Since I sell my quilts, I have decided awhile ago that, from then on, I will hand stitch both sides of the sleeve down. That way, if someone wants to remove the sleeve, and not see a sleeve when they turn the quilt down on the bed, they can do that easily.

     That is what I have been up to. There are always lots of interesting works in progress to see over at Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Times . Check it out!

     Thanks for stopping by!

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