Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Festval Photos

     I had a great time at the Inman Park Festival! I'm only sorry I had no time to do the tour of homes. I bet it was out of this world The houses are so beautiful from the outside.
     I completely forgot to bring my camera on Saturday. I have never taken a video of anything, put if I ever did; that parade would have been the thing to video! It was such fun! Any attempt on my part to try to describe it would surely fall short; so if you are really curious, look up the Inman Park Festival website.
     I did remember my camera on Sunday however and took a few booth shots for posterity. The lighting was a bit challenging. The sun was in my eyes as I was taking these. I'm sure it was in the camera's eyes too.

Then, there was the very sunny view up and down the street in front of my booth.

For the most part it was pretty covered up with people, but I took these early in the day.

Then there was the much cooler, shadier view up and down the street behind my booth. Fortunately, I was on a very tree covered street, so I was spared from being fried to a crackly crunch!

I really enjoyed being there. I just love an outdoor art festival! Always have! But oooh! it sure did wear me out. I must be getting too old for this kind of thing. My friend, Eleanor was kind enough to remind me that back when I used to make a habit of doing this kind of thing as a weaver; it was still the '80s. Sheesh thanks!

    Well, I maybe getting an order from this festival! I'm not sure yet, but someone didi invite me into their home, when the show was over to audition a quilt.They are trying to decide between getting that quilt, or ordering a larger one. I'll have to let you know. But, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

     Speaking of possible orders, I'm still working with my friend from Spain to see if I can come up with a quilt design that grabs him. Wish me luck! I quit putting the drawings on the blog, because he isn't accessing them there anyway. But, the good news is, that making those drawings have given me lots of good ideas for future quilts! (just what I needed-more quilt ideas-my head is about to explode as it is.) I guess I am just one of those people that sees quilt ideas everywhere-even with my eyes closed.

     I met with my quilt friendship group tonight, and spent some time trimming my square in a square blocks. Slowly but surely.......

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