Thursday, April 26, 2012

Special post for Pier

I have been communicating with someone through Etsy about a possible quilt order, but I couldn't see my images when I tried to upload them with my message, so I am posting the for him here in case he couldn't see them either. 

This drawing #1. It has the same number of blocks as your drawing.

 This is drawing #2. It has the same number of blocks, but since I added a red border and a white border; the blocks are a bit smaller.

This is drawing #3. It has more blocks, so the blocks are also smaller than in drawing #1.  Hope This helps. Let me know what you think.
     I have just remembered that this block is different from the block in your drawing.They have different numbers of units in them; so everything I said about the measurements of these quilts is off a little. But, if you let me know which general idea you prefer, I can adapt it to your block, and come close to the size of the original quilt. Just disregard the finished sizes of the quilts, that I gave you on the Etsy message.

      I could not resist adding this last possibility. I have always loved this quilt. It was made in 1870. Even though it was made in 1870; I think it looks so modern, and up to date. I just wanted you to see it before you decided. I could make one like this for the same price as the original quilt you saw.

I hope you like one of these.

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