Friday, July 13, 2012

Let's Polka Prgress, and preparing for my Show

     I have been working on the Let's Polka quilt. I have gotten all of these blocks done; but they aren't on the design wall yet because I only have about half of them trimmed.

      I also have these blocks cut out. 

      The strips are folded in half because both sizes of strips are folded together so they stay together.

     I have also been getting ready for my show in Batavia, IL July 20-22. This show is not an arts festival like I did before. This time I will take a stab at being a vendor at a quilt show, selling my patterns. 
The last time I did something like this was in Florida. I didn't do well at all. Other vendors told me my work would do better in northern states. I have always wanted to test out the theroy, so here we go!
     I have made sure that I have 50 copies each of all of my patterns copied and collated.  
     I have put together a sheet that describes my program, and all of the classes that I could teach.
     I have ordered new business cards that include my blog address, and my Etsy site address. I was hoping to get 3 new patterns made this summer, and I figure it makes perfect sense to get at least one put together in time to take to this show. I chose to get the pattern for my Native Harvest quilt finished.

      When I made this quilt the first time; there was a good deal of trial and error involved in getting that center done.I wanted to figure out a way to strip piece more efficiently. Then I had to figure out how to tell someone who is not living in my head, how to do it, so it is easily understood. In the process of writing the directions, I have a good chunk of a new quilt started. I probably won't make this quilt as big as the first one. I will just finish it out to a good lap size. It will be good to have in case I get accepted to the October Art Festival I have applied to in Blue Ridge.

      I have the cover made, the fabric requirements typed out, all of the directions written. I still need to proofread one last time, Add captions to my color chart, and add in and draw all of the figures.

     I would still like to make some note cards, but time is running out! Well That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!

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