Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Berea, Let's Polka, Fun Day

      I returned from my trip to Berea on Sunday evening. I am really enjoying these shows. It is fun meeting and talking with people. I am learning that I can accomplish a tremendous amount of work in between customers in my booth, and in the evenings. The best thing is that I really feel like I am getting some good exposure. I am also enjoying getting to see some new places. Berea was such a beautiful college town and, is very arts oriented. On the way home I got to stay at a gorgeous State Park an hour south called Cumberland Falls. It had a beautiful lodge with an all you can eat buffet dinner; and I enjoyed the short hike to the falls in the morning before I left for home. I really need to get better at keeping my camera with me for this kind of thing. Sorry! I will work on that. I only think about it when I am sewing!  
     Time has flown by since I returned. It seems like it took most of Monday just to get unpacked and reorganized. I have also emailed all of the quilt guilds I could find in the state of GA. to tell them about my program. I was thinking that many of them are planning their schedules for the year about now.

     When I was away I got 2 block groups for my Let's Polka quilt pressed and trimmed. Today I finally got them up on the design wall and photographed. I hoped if I waited until the morning to take their pictures, I would have better light. No such luck. It was an overcast day. So here they are any way.

The blocks go from almost the ceiling, down to the floor, so it is almost impossible to get them all in the picture, but I hope this gives you an idea. Now, all I have left is a couple of blocks that are sprinkled in much less often than the main blocks which I have been showing you. That is what is on the agenda for tomorrow. Then I can get down to the business of arranging the blocks.

The above photo is my attempt at showing you as much of the covered design wall as I can, at once. I have 22 rows of 16 blocks each up on the wall. Right now, I have them sorted by block type, but when I finish the rest of the blocks; I will take them down, sort them by color, and put them back up in a pleasing composition.

     Tonight my friendship group met and celebrated my birthday. It was a good time to reflect on just what they mean in my life. It is great to have such a wonderful group of friends to encourage and support you. I appreciate them so much. We were discussing how long we have been meeting together; I think we decided it was about 14 years! My! How time flies! I feel truly blessed, and would recommend this to anyone who has the chance to be a part of this kind of group. It adds so much to your life.

     I hope I will have the rest of my Let's Polka blocks finished by the next post. Thanks for stopping by!

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