Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Arrangment Complete, Note Cards, and Pot Holders

     I have the entire Let's Polka quilt laid out and ready to sew together. It will be hard to show the whole thing at once, since it is so big, but here are a couple of photos to give you an idea. Yesterday, my friend Eleanor came and looked at it with me. It always helps to have another set of eyes to help decide where to put things, and provide moral support.

     I spent the day cutting out batting and backing for some hot pads I plan to make for my Blue Ridge show in October. I am using batting leftover from trimming the sides of large quilts. It feels good to make use of this stuff. Since I want the hot pads to be nice and thick, I will use 2 layers of batting in each one. I will be using my scrap collection for the fronts, and piece QAYG. I can't wait! I think they will be a lot of fun to make.

     In the evening, Eleanor and I went to our quilt guild's 1st meeting of the year. Our guild is The Cotton Boll Quilters; and we are having a quilt show in January of 2013, I am the chair person. It will be held at
     The opening party will be January 12 at 7pm, and the show will be up through March 2. I hope you will come and see all of our beautiful quilts!

     After I got home I went through and organized my note cards. Eleanor had suggested that if I made groups of 6 that were different views of the same quilt, or followed some other theme; I could put them  in my Etsy shop. So I got together several complete groups, a few others that only lack a couple of cards, and identified a couple of possibilities where I have a couple of nice photos of, but need to take a few more details of that quilt to make a nice group of cards. I hope these will also be helpful in my booth at the Blue Ridge show, and in the art gallery where I am a guild member, for the coming Christmas season.

     Now it is time for me to get in there and get that Let's Polka sewn together. Thanks for stopping by!

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