Thursday, January 3, 2013

Better Late Than Never- 2012 Finishes


    Well I finally got those quilts photographed! Here is what I managed to complete in 2012.

     In April, I got an Etsy order from Spain. My first ever international order EVER! In this photo, it has a sheet pinned to the WHITE back to keep it clean. It was scary to make this quilt because white is not usually a part of my lifestyle.

     Last year, I finished my Let's Polka quilt. It was in my 2011 review at the beginning of  this year. When I exhibited at the Inman Park show in the spring, I got an order for a king size version of the Let's Polka quilt. 

          I was asked to make several pillows to go with the quilt.

     This next quilt is the 2nd in my Victorian Library series. It is called English Garden, I finished the piecing last year, but it took until this week for me to finish the binding, and the sleeve. This is the quilt that I putted the sleeve on the wrong edge of; but I have that fixed now.

Victorian Library from last year

English Garden, finished this year
     These quilts use the same block, but I used a different setting, and a different border color. I have a third quilt halfway along, and possibly, will make a fourth. When I made these blocks, I made many more than I needed, so there is no telling how many more quilts there will be from this block.

     This quilt is called Arabesque. I made it this fall. It fulfilled a couple of goals I have been meaning to work on. First it is a large lap quilt, rather than a bed quilt. It was a relatively quick quilt to finish that would have relatively simple instructions.  It only took me a month to make the top, which is unusual for me.

     The last time I tried to submit a quilt to a magazine, the feedback I got was that they thought the quilt was lovely, but it would take too much space in their magazine for the directions. Even though most of my quilts use pretty simple techniques, people tell me they are intimidated by them. I thought that if I made some smaller ones, perhaps they will seem more accessible to other quilters.

     I always like quilts that appear to have curves in them, but in reality, have all straight seams. And next is another quilt that fits that same description:

     This quilt is called Anastasia, because a friend of mine thought it looked Russian.I am disappointed that it is difficult to see the corner to corner background gradation. That shows up better in person, though it is subtle. It feels serendipitous that I should be including this quilt in my end of the year wrap up since it was the subject of my VERY FIRST blog post, here, and you can also check out kaleidoscope labels for further progress on this quilt. 

     I feel I should mention again, that I got all of my scraps organized into a system. I can't wait to see if this help me find more fabrics in my own house, for future quilts.
     I also wrote a synopsis of my program, and all of my classes, and sent them to guilds and shops. I sold patterns at 3 quilt shows, and exhibited quilts at 3 art shows; added items and policies to my Etsy shop; and I learned to blog! This year, I spent a lot of time with my new fiend the computer, but I still have lots to learn. Next year, I might try to figure out Pintrest.

     I am feeling that my quilt finishes were a bit thin last year, but, as I said before, I have many quilts close to being done, so 2013 should be filled with finish after finish!

     Now that the look back to 2012 is finished, I can concentrate on goals for 2013. The nice thing about a blog is that you have this information where you can find it, so you can see how you did! I can't wait to see what 2013 is going to bring! What that I never thought of?

     Thanks for stopping by!

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