Friday, January 25, 2013

Ready for Assembly!

     So, finally all of the panels of this quilt are finished, and are ready to be assembled.

     This is just the top 2/3s because the loom is blocking the bottom portion of the quilt. I dream about someday having an unobstructed view of my design wall one day in the future.

     My friend, Mary was the one who suggested a thin strip of the center fabric to separate the triangles, and strips from the economy blocks around the other panels. I like it, and the way it gives me an excuse to repeat that fabric. Did I tell you? The other day I found more of that fabric at Scarlet Thread, and bought a yard of it in case I decide that I want to use it for the binding. Right now I think that I will want to do just that.

     After I get this center sewn together, I will trim down the triangle panels to fit the rest of the quilt. I will finish off the quilt by adding some 2" wide panels all the way down the length of the quilt.

       Can you see what I mean in this drawing?

     Usually, I have a really difficult time thinking up names for my quilts; but this quilt seems to have tons of name possibilities. I originally planned to call it The Bird Cage Quilt, for the bird cages on the large focus print. My friend, Eleanor, always thinks this quilt has monkeys on it somewhere(which it doesn't)so we thought about calling it Where's the Monkey?, or Missing Monkeys. Yesterday, another friend, Helen, was here and said the center fabric reminded her of peacock feathers. I was happy to hear that, since there are also peacocks in the fabric with the bird cages. Another name possibility: Peacock Feathers, or Monkeys and Peacock Feathers.

    Whatever I end up calling it; this quilt is pretty wild for me. I challenged myself to use several different types of fabrics: Kaffe prints, batiks, paisleys, etc. I hope I will still like it after I get it quilted. Usually, I like things better after they are quilted, so I have high hopes on that score.

     I will be speaking at the lunchtime program at Art Station, in Stone Mountain Village on February 18th at noon in conjunction with my guild's quilt show. If you come, you will get to see some of my quilts in person. It would be fun to meet some of my readers!

That is what I am up to these days. Thanks for stopping by!


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