Monday, February 4, 2013

Design Wall Monday

      I just came back from a 4 day quilting retreat; so I have a lot to share. I finished 2 quilts that have been on my design wall recently. All they need is to have backs made for them, and be taken to the quilter. The first is my bird cages quilt, aka, Missing Monkeys.

     The second is the lap version of my Native Harvest pattern. I started this quilt last summer, to help me write the pattern for the first Native Harvest quilt. I guess I will have to think up a new name for this quilt since Native Harvest really doesn't fit this color way. I will have to think about this.

     When I look at these 2 quilts I am struck by how different they are in so many ways. The colors, fabric style, one quilt is very controlled while the other is pretty loose. I really enjoyed making them both. I wonder how many others really enjoy making quilts that are so diverse. Do you prefer either very traditional patterns and fabrics, or very contemporary patterns and fabrics? Do you feel driven to go back and forth between the two as I do?

     Since this is Design Wall Monday, I had intended to show what I have on my design wall at home now. At retreat I also worked on some blocks for my solid quilt. Now will only need 2 more blocks before I can start working on the setting triangles and sashing.

         I also allowed myself to start on something new. Unfortunately I will not be able to show you these things since I am writing this from a car repair place, and I forgot to take those pictures before I left home this morning. I will have to show those later in the week, along with all of the other beautiful quits that were in progress around me at retreat.

    I know there are tons of other fabulous things to see at for Design Wall Monday. Go and check it out!

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