Friday, May 24, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival

     It has been a busy week with deadlines, so, I am running a bit late, but finally, I am joining the fun at Amy's Creative side, and The Blogger's Quilt Festival. I hope it is not too late to get this link in.

     The quilt that I decided to share this time is called Anastasia, because my friend Eleanor said that it looks Russian, and reminds her of the St. Basil's Cathedral.
     I wanted to use the Kaleidoscope pattern to combine Kaffe Fassett prints with those lovely rich stripes he has. I like to make my quilts scrappy, including the backgrounds. When I drew out this quilt on EQ, my printer was running low on ink, and this is what I got.

     The background color gradates from a light green in the lower right to goldy peach in the upper left. When I saw how this printed out, I thought, Hey! I could do that gradation on the quilt! The change is subtle on the drawing and on the quilt, but, naturally it shows up better in person. I really like it when there is more to see in my quilts the closer you get to them. As you can see, I also scattered the colors in the "stars".

     This quilt won 1st place in the Guild Members Choice Awards at our guilds quilt show earlier this year. For what it is worth, it is also the subject of my very first blog post ever, but then it sat for awhile, as other quilts were quilted ahead of it. Like my other quilts, this quilt was long arm quilted by my good friend, Regina Carter. 

     There is a wide variety of beautiful quilts on display at

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