Friday, January 10, 2014

Getting 2014 Started

     I hope your year is off to a good start. I have started out by working on things that I have been putting off for awhile now. (or maybe longer)

     Most of my fabric is sorted and arrange on the new shelves. My sewing room still feels like a crowded mess because the old dressers are still here. I have a call in to a friend who will come by soon to see if she can use them. I hope to get them gone within the next week or so.

     I have continued to quilt Kimberly's quilt. I have only 2 rows and the border left, but now I am contemplating going back and adding more quilting to the wider bands.

     I moved into this house in March of 2010. When I did, I was so tired of all of the packing, unpacking, and everything else you have to do to move, that I never really "decorated" this house. I unpacked, but there were a few rooms that I wanted to change the wall color of. Since I knew I wanted to paint, I never hung any pictures. One big obstacle has always been that I would rather be piecing something. Now it has been almost 4 YEARS! Ridiculous! So, one of the things I decided I want to accomplish for 2014, is to get that started. There are SO many projects I can do around here that would cost little or no money, but would make things so much nicer around here. Project #1-paint the living room. Maybe we should call that project #2 since I did all of that fabric rearranging. (I digress) My living room was this color:

     After painting most of the day for the last 5 days, it is this color:

     With a blue sofa, you can see why the blue walls needed to go.

     I have an order for an "Arabesque" quilt.

     I made an initial strip set to see if the client liked this combination. This time I made my strips just a 1/2" wider so you could see the fabrics a bit better.

     She did so I have been working on more strip sets in the evenings, after painting.

     So that is what I have been up to lately, hope your 2014 is off to a good start. Thanks for stopping by!

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