Monday, April 23, 2012

Change in Plans

     I have been working on putting the last row of triangles on my square-in-a-square blocks for my bird cages quilt.


 The second row is easier because, look how you can center the triangle on the block; lining up the point of the triangle with the corner of the square.
I got all of the sewing and pressing done; and  I was going to trim them today at an artist's Plen Aire held by an art guild I belong to. 

     But, we had 20mph winds today, so I just couldn't see myself sitting outside, and trimming blocks. I'd be chasing them all over the place!

     I will have 2 more opportunities to sit and trim this week. The 1st is tomorrow night. I have quilt guild;  We sit at tables; and tomorrow we are not even having a program-just a business meeting. The next will be Porterdale Stitching Club on Wednesday night. 

     I am really looking forward to putting these up on the design wall and showing them to you (and me). I really challenged myself with these to use many types of fabrics together. Traditional prints, contemporary prints, plaids, batiks, solids. Hope I get to post those photos soon.

     Also, a reminder to anyone who lives in the Atlanta area, I will have a booth of quilts at the Inman Park Festival next weekend, April 28 & 29. Come and see me if you are in the area!

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