Thursday, April 5, 2012

Here is What My Retreat Buddies Accomplished at Retreat!

Now I that I have done my showing off, let me share will you all of the beautiful things I saw come together while I was at retreat.

Monica sat closest to me. She made this lovely quilt.

Then She made this with the leftovers! And all in one weekend! How amazing is that!

 Not only that. She quilted this sweet baby quilt to.

 Ardis made this,


and this!

Boy! Some people around here actually finish stuff! What a concept!

Liz made thus lovely bag.

She also made this gorgeous jacket

Would you believe, a lap quilt too?!

Becky made this sweet, playful baby quilt.

Look at all that Robin made!

Brenda made this for her divided family.

Peggy made both of these lovely quilts.

Pam made this inviting landscape.

And last, but definitely not least, Jo Beth showed a tremendous amount of self control, and worked on this scrumptious quilt all weekend; till it was done.

I'd say we had a great time AND we got a lot accomplished, wouldn't you? I just love retreats!

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  1. Some great projects and finishes here. It's always interesting to see the variety of projects that our old friends and new friends bring to retreats. I saw your comment about Brenda making something for her "divided family" before I saw the picture and wondered "what in the world?" Then I saw the fabric for the 2 schools and knew just what she did. We have that kind of conflict here and there in my family too.
    Thanks for sharing all these projects.