Monday, April 2, 2012

Here's What I Got Done at Retreat

      I got all of my solid blocks sewn and pressed.

      I got this many pressed, when I realized I pressed them wrong. Augh!

     First, I was pressing them like the block on the left; very neat and satisfying, but not soon enough; I realized that wouldn't be so good when I sewed them to each other. I realized that if I pressed one center seam towards the center, and the second seam away from the center, like the block on the right; I could twist alternate blocks when I sew them to each other so that seam fits together and there is less bulk. Why does it take me so long to figure these things out??? I couldn't bear to correct them all at once, so I fixed a handful of them, and sewed the first 2 seams of the square in a square blocks for my Bird Cage quilt for an hour or so, then fixed another handful. Eventually, I fixed all of the solid blocks, and got the 1st 2 seams on my Bird Cages quilt done too.

     I keep all of the pieces for 1 block pinned together as I sew the different seams. This helps keep me organized.

     Got a few rows added to my Ellipses quilt.

     I am just 2 rows shy of being half way done!

     I know I said that I wasn't going to bring my kaleidoscope quilt with me, but then I thought I hardly ever get to finish a quilt at retreat; so I shouldn't pass up the chance!

      So this is my first quilt top finish of 2012. I wanted to get one done per month, so I'm not doing too well so far, but maybe I will catch up as time goes on.

     I have many pictures of quilts made by the other retreat participants, but I will save those for the next post.

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  1. Do you have any close-up pictures of your kaleidoscope quilt? I'd like to see what a block looks like....looks really pretty!