Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Top Sewn Together, Pillows Finished

      The Let's Polka quilt top is sewn together. I took it's picture in the back yard yesterday. Good thing I took the picture yesterday; because it has rained most of today.

     I have a meeting with my client tomorrow so she can see it and choose a color for the back, and a color for the binding.


   She also wanted 2 pillow shams. I made 7 pillow tops for her to choose from.

     I sure hope she likes them!

      When I was in Batavia, one of the neighboring vendors suggested that I should approach a distribution company with my patterns.  In preparation for that I am redoing most of the covers. Some of them have my previous P. O. Box on them. Most of them needed to have my Etsy and blog address added to them.

     Speaking of Etsy, I was approached on Etsy to do the Briar Patch Arts Festival in Eatonton, GA, on October 27. Since I have always wanted to do a show in that area; I decided to try it. 

     My friendship group met tonight. I got to work a bit on my Solid quilt, and my Birdcage quilt. I haven't yet photographed what I did tonight, but I will in time for the next post.

     Thanks for stopping by!

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