Monday, January 7, 2013

Design Wall Monday, and Happy Birthday to My Blog

     Last summer, I went on a retreat, and was introduced to the jelly roll race. I was resistant to the idea at first, but I have to admit it was kind of fun, and while I was sewing those long seams together, I got some ideas on other things to do with this concept. As much as I love planning out my quilts, I also love playing with randomness, and just seeing how things hit. My first attempt was for a friend's daughter's graduation gift (which still needs to be quilted-add that to the need to do list). For more about this quilt, look at my August 21 post.

     Here is a second idea. I love the fabric designs of Kaffe Fassett, Phillip Jacobs, and others in the Westminster group. I also love Aboriginal prints. Sometimes, however, when I try to use these fabrics, I don't really get the effect I am looking for. I think this may be because there are so many colors and the prints are so dynamic, that I am not yet very good at predicting how they are going to look. I did not get enough contrast, and things blended into each other too much. There have been a couple of false starts this year, where I started something, and I just wasn't happy with it.

     I like doing the jelly roll thin with a thick and thin strip. In this case I paired the saturated Kaffe and aboriginal prints with a mod looking black and white, in a large, square spiral. I am planning to make this a lap size of around 4' x 6. This will be another small, simple,and quick quilt to add to my collection. Maybe someone will want me to teach this as a class somewhere.

     Today is a special day in the life of my blog. It is the 1 year anniversary of my very 1st blog post! I will give a free pattern to someone who comments on this blog post. I will give it till the end of the week. There is a link to my etsy shop on the right between my profile, and my blog list. Look carefully, it is kind of small. A goal for this year will be to find a way to make that more noticeable. You can check out my patterns on my etsy site, and let me know which one you would like to have, and I will mail it to you. I know there is a way to get those patterns listed on my blog, but I haven't figured that out yet either. Another goal for 2013!

     There are always tons of inspiration on Design Wall Monday at     Go and check it out.

     Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wonderful design. I love the movement in the quilt.

  2. I like your jelly roll race quilt. It has a gender neutral feel to it. I'm always looking for "boyish" things for grandsons. it's easy to come up with girly stuff. Congratulations on your anniversary. My blog is in dormancy, but maybe spring will revive it. Ha Ha

  3. Congrats on your anniversary. Love the spiral quilt. Bold and modern...look hard but not be hard.

  4. Love your quilt and also your patterns! Congrats on the anniversary.

  5. This is a really fun quilt. It would work with scrap bricks too. Congratulations on your blog anniversary. I'm just a browser at this point.

    Your chocolate & cream pattern is delicious, but I don't think I could handle all the pinwheel points.

    Cathy in Kansas

  6. beautiful quilt I like the black and white between the colors. It gives the eye a place to rest and make sense of it all.
    congrats on 1year!!

  7. I really like this quilt. 1st time to your blog but will be adding it to my favorites. Congratulations on your 1st year. Keep up the good work.

  8. Excellent twist on the jelly roll race, love the spiral look. Congrats on your blogaversary! Sweet of you to offer a giveaway. Hope you have enjoyed your year of blogging.

  9. I really like the black and white between the colors. Looks gorgeous.

  10. That . Is . AWESOME!! I love it!!