Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What I Am Working on Now

 These days I am working on 2 quilts. Several years ago I made this quilt.

I self published a pattern for this quilt that is available on Etsy. I always wanted to make another quilt that is more like the center of this quilt, and repeats the diamond motif throughout the quilt.

Here is my drawing.

Sorry for the glare. I made the drawing on EQ. I took it to a copy place to enlarge it, so it would be easier to see. The paper they printed on was slightly glossy. The bottom of the drawing, with the green crosses is the center of the quilt. The quilt repeats in a mirror image from there.

This is what I have so far.

Tomorrow I will talk more about how I am doing this. 

Since it is midsummer where I am, I am sewing in my living room now. My usual sewing room is upstairs. It is a beautiful, cozy nest in the winter, but I only have one air conditioning unit, so it is not easy to make comfortable up there without making your  downstairs too cold, or costing a fortune, or both. So, in the summer, I set up a sewing station in my living room.

The quilt on the free standing design wall is what I am using for "leaders and enders".

I am working on a quilt commission that will be airplanes on a sky background. The abstract sky will be made from the kaleidoscope block. Here is the drawing for this quilt.

I have the entire quilt laid out on the design wall in another room, but I have transferred a quarter of it onto my freestanding design wall.  I have just started sewing on this. I only have 6 block centers done, so it will be quite awhile before it looks like anything.That is what I am up to. Thanks for stopping by!

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