Sunday, February 12, 2012

Retreat Resuls-Part 2

     On to another section of the room.

     This fabulous quilt was appliqued by Shelia, on the left; and quilted by Donna, on the right.


     This is Hilda with a beautiful applique to make us think of the wildflowers of the woods and springtime.

     I never would have thought that I would start to get confused about which quilt was made by who; but it is beginning to happen. I think Betty did this, or was it Miss Rose? That group from Macon has so many incredible appliquers in it, that I get confused! Sorry ladies.

     Donna made this cool french braid. Looks like she's getting ready for Valentine's Day.

     Mani has lots more to go on this quilt; but she's off to a great start. They were really making a statement from where I was sitting.

     This was made by Miss Carol. I just love her fabric choices. way to make great use of those large floral prints! You could see them so much better in person. Too bad I'm not a better photographer. This photo really doesn't do it justice.

This  glowing gradation was pieced by our fearless leader Mary. It's a kaleidoscope-can you believe it?

      Mary is also working on these Japanese ladies. I can't wait to see what see is going to do with those!

      I guess that's all for this installment. Would you believe it? There is more. We had a big room full of ladies, and most of us were there for 4 days, so a lot of projects were worked on. I just love retreats. Not only do you get to visit with wonderful friends; but you get a bunch of work done, and you get inspired on top of that! Believe it or not; I got some work done too. We'll get to that next time. See you soon!

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