Thursday, February 2, 2012

T'was the Night Before Retreat

      I haven't had time to write lately. I am leaving for a quilting retreat tomorrow(woohoo!); and I have been scrambling to get my projects ready.

     I finally sewed all of my kaleidoscope blocks together. I had to put them back up on the design wall, so I could arrange the corner pieces.
     It is hard to see them, since they are lighter than the rest, but they were very light in my original drawing. This will be a bit dicey. I had to space the blocks a little apart so there would be room for the corner pieces. If I didn't, they covered up much of the block. Either way, it will be hard to see what the finished quilt is really going to look like. All I can do at this point is follow the drawing, and take it on faith that it is going to work out. I plan to sew a couple of rows together at retreat, and make a judgement from that. I had to go block by block and pin the corners on to save the arrangement. Since the markers will tell me where each block goes on the quilt, and also which way each block should be turned; I can sew this together without the design wall. Although I will have to hang it from time to time to see if I really like how it's turning out since the quilt looks so different on the design wall with the extra space in between.

The above is a picture of one block with the corners pinned on. Now I can just sew the corners.

     I also plan to continue working on my solid quilt from last blog post. I will try to put a couple of ellipses on my ellipse quilt. 


I might even start a new project or two. I am sure I will have plenty new things to show you when I get back. Right now it's time for bed since I know I stay up late at retreat!
I can't wait!

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