Monday, February 20, 2012

Winter Sky

     I have been busy, working on a weaving deadline this weekend, so i haven't been doing much sewing. I was taking a break to cook dinner when this is what I saw out my backdoor, and the sky looked so interesting; I just had to grab my camera.

     I love how the bare trees look against the light and dark clouds. It makes me want to use this image some way. I wish I could take up painting,(like I have time for that!).
     I did make a couple of quilts several years back that were in large part inspired by the way cloudy skies look in fall and winter; and ever since then I have just been fascinated by an active sky.
     This one is called Pineapple Storm. It was originally inspired by seeing a bright yellow maple tree against a stormy autumn sky, but then I decided to add other autumn tree colors.

     This one is called Southern Winter, and I got this color way from looking out my car window at the hay fields and pastures during the winter season.

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