Sunday, February 12, 2012

Retreat Results-Part 3

Lets try to finish up he retreat photos.

This is Page. It is always fun to see what she is working on. This is a beautiful Christmas Cactus.

I have always loved log cabin. It is fun to see it in the Kaffe fabrics. Angie is working on this. The light centered block will eventually go all the way around a group of dark centered blocks.

This one belongs to Jean. Isn't it striking?!

     Pam was working on this drunkard's path variation.

     Chelsie made this. She is our newest quilter, and we are so proud of her! It was great having her with us.

     You would think that I have included every project there; but not even close. I had hoped to include at least one project from everyone there, but now I realize I didn't even do that. I apologize to anyone I missed, and for anything I got wrong. It was just so wonderful to see and spend time with everyone. And especially it was such a lovely luxury to have all that time to sew

     Next I will show what I worked on; but I will open up a new post for that since i don't want any repeats of the aggravation of the other night.

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