Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sewing Groups

     I have been a member of a friendship group that I got started from my quilt guild, for so many years now, I'm not sure how many years we have been together-15 maybe. We call ourselves "The Sew Sisters". We meet roughly every 2 weeks. We take turns hosting it, and whoever hosts, cooks dinner. We have a great time together.
     I think I mentioned before that I don't much like to haul my machine around; so I always try to have some kind of hand work to bring. So I machine stitched the binding onto the quilt I got back from my long arm quilter; so I would be able to do the hand stitching at our meeting. 

     More about this particular quilt later.

     Let me first tell you about the wonderful person that long arm quilts all of my quilts, Regina Carter. It gives me such peace of mind to have someone who quilts my quilts so expertly. And, she is such a help with choosing patterns, and thread colors, and the like. She always knows how to make your quilt the best it can be. Regina is also a really good friend and a member of The Sew Sisters; and she has recently taught me how to better join the beginning and end of my binding; and a better way to attach my sleeve so my quilts will hang better.   She just started her own blog this month; so we are learning this blogging thing together. See my blog list for a link to Regina's blog.

     This evening I also got to meet with another stitching group that just started in Porterdale, where I live. This group is brand new; and we had our second meeting tonight. The nice thing about this group is that it encompasses many kinds of needlework, which will give us the opportunity to learn from each other. Tonight we had quilting, crocheting, and needlepoint happening, along with some fun camaraderie and conversation. We meet at a lovely, local coffee shop called Porterdale Perk and Cafe; so no one has to cook, and it looks like we are deciding to meet once a week. I am grateful for this since it will force me to get some sewing done even when other parts of my life are hectic, and of course, I so enjoy the company. Thanks to Joy for letting us use her space for our gatherings. It is so pleasant to just go there and let someone else make delicious food for you, and just sit, and eat, and sew, and chat! 

     So the last couple of evenings, I have been enjoying and appreciating my sewing and stitching buddies.

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