Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fabric Spaghetti

      I sewed all of my strip #1s to my strip #2s, all of my #3s to my #4s, all of my #5s to my get the idea... through #11s and #12s.

     Then, I pressed all of the seams toward the even numbered strips.

      I also added a D hanging sleeve to the My Water Lilies quilt to make it ready to ship to The Georgia Quilt Show. The Georgia Quilt Show sent me this link to show how to make the sleeve. I was a bit conflicted about this. I always put a hanging sleeve on my quilts, but I usually prefer a flat sleeve  because I think they are nicer when the quilt is on the bed, which it is most often. I guess I can always take it off later. I spent the evening with friends; doing the hand stitching, which made it go much quicker.

     My next task? Sewing 1/2 combos to 3/4 combos, 5/6 combos to 7/8 combos,and 9/10 combos to 11/12 combos.

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