Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Waiting for back fabric, a new project

    I found out today that one of my quilts will hang in the Georgia Quilt show.  

    I met with my client last week, and she chose colors to go on the back of the Let's Polka quilt. Now I am waiting for that fabric to get here before I can proceed.

     In the mean time, I have been working on more HSTs for the solid quilt. All of the squares are paired and marked.

     I also have been working on some pieced triangles for the Bird Cage Quilt.

     These will be mixed in with a couple of other types of equilateral triangles in groupings in the blank areas in some of the corners.

     I made these by cutting the central triangles. Then I added a long thin strip.


I trimmed the strip after it was sewn to the triangle. Ignore the piece of tape. It is on the ruler for an entirely different project. 

     I even let myself start a new project. I have been wanting to try his for a while. It is going to be similar to a trip around the world, but I want to try something a bit different. I have all of my strips cut.

    I have made myself a cheat sheet so I can  remember the order of the colors.

     I got one strip set sewn together to see what it looks like.

         But when you find yourself sewing strips of the same fabric to each other, it is time to give up and go to bed!

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