Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quilt Back, Potholders, etc

     Believe it or not, I have been working, but there is not much to show you. Yesterday, the fabric for the Let's Polka quilt arrived; so last night I put that back together. It was so huge that I didn't even try to get a photo of it. 

      I made my 1st set of pot holders. A friend of mine is moving; and I made them to give to her as a going away keepsake. I intended to take a photo of them after I got the binding stitched down, but I forgot! I really like how they tuned out, but since I failed to get a photo of them; I can't show them to you. I will have to wait and show you the next set. They were fun to make. I look forward to making more of them.

     I have also been working on putting a "D" sleeve on the My Waterlilies quilt to get it ready to ship to The Georgia Quilt Show. I didn't realize that I never put a label on that quilt so it will need one before I ship it.

     Tomorrow, my friend, Eleanor will come over for a sewing day. Hopefully, I will have something more to show you after her visit. Thanks for stopping by!


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