Saturday, October 6, 2012

All About Bindings

     Where has the time gone? I meant to post about what I did while sewing at my friends house. That was Tuesday, and it's Saturday already, and I don't even know how tat happened! Oh well. 

     Tuesday at Eleanor's house was all about bindings. I now have 2 quilts at the quilter's waiting to be quilted. My Let's Polka king size quilt, and the Trip Around the World variation that is not yet named. So, the first priority was to make bindings for each of them, so that when they came back I would be ready.

     Next, I added bindings to the pot holders I had previously made; so I could carry them with me and hand stitch them down when ever I had time.

      I had a little time left at Eleanor's, so I sewed some strip groups together for another quilt I have "in the pipeline" More about that one in a future post.

     Since then I have been working on making some more pot holders.

    I was planning to sew a couple pairs last night while watching Bonnie Hunter's quilt cam; but I ended up cooking while she was on, and didn't get to my sewing until after she was off. In my scrap organizing, I found a bunch of left over strip sets from quilts that were made years ago. They made piecing for the pot holders interesting and quick! It was a lot of fun playing with them.  I now have 9 pairs sewn, so I now have a good group that only need to have bindings applied. I want to have as many sets as possible done for my 2 October shows. The first of which will be on October 13 and 14.  I figure if I just get the bindings machine sewn on them, and get a few hand stitched to begin with, I can hand sew some of them while I sit in my booth, and in the evenings after the show. I hope to get between 10-20 pairs done.  I do have a couple of pairs completely finished; hand stitching and all.

     That's what I have been up to lately, thanks for stopping by!

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