Friday, October 19, 2012

More Pot Holders!

     I have been working on the Let's Polka quilt. I am almost done with the binding. I am really pleased with the way the binding color is working with the colors of the blocks. Thee are so many colors in the blocks that I thought almost any color would work; but the binding on the original quilt was purple, and the new color is a mighty big change. My client wanted to minimize purple, and bring out yellows, greens, and blues, so the color on the new binding is Kona Emerald.

     As stated in the title of this post, I have also been working on pot holders. I made 5 sets last night, but I took this photo before I finished the last pair. As I have said before, they are addictive, and I was ready to pack in in and go to bed when I thought of one more set I just had to make.

       Normally I would not be working on these until the Let's Polka group is finished and delivered, but the I am a member of an artist guild that meets at the Southern Heartland Gallery in Covington, and they have a  holiday market of less expensive items for the holiday season. Those items are due to be in to the gallery tomorrow. Why is everything always come due at the same time?

     And, I got my supply lists for A Scarlet Thread finished and sent. It seems slow but there is SOME progress being made. I have 3 half pieced quilts that I am just dieing to get back to! Soon I hope.

      Oh, by the way, did I mention my house is a disaster from working on all of these things at once? A big part of the problem is all of my show stuff still lying about. I have not put it away because I have another show in Eatonton on October 27.

    I am also working on weaving a scrap rug for my weaving boss, so add to the above piles of sorted yarn!

     Tonight is the  "Meet the Makers" party at The Georgia Quilt Show, which I plan to attend. For more information on that go to:  I am looking forward to seeing my quilt hanging there.

     Other than that, I just don't know how I am going to fill up the empty hours! Hope you are happily busy! Thanks for stopping by!

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